Friday, March 07, 2014

Promo Friday: "Marketing Done Right Is Just Finding More Readers"

Not much promotion or promotion research done at Chez Gauthier today. However, I can refer you to an IndieReCon video podcast, Write, Publish, Repeat: How to Turn Your Art from a Hobby Into a Real Business with Johnny Truant, Sean Platt & David Wright.

Now, I was listening to this while I was working in the kitchen, so I'm not clear on which guy said what. But some interesting bits (quotes or paraphrases):
  • Work is art at first. At that point, treat it as such. Then it is a product to be sold. At that point, treat it as such.
  • Think of marketing as a funnel. The widest part of the funnel is where people can be exposed to you, all the aspects of your social platform. The narrow part of the funnel is the subgroup from the large part who will really be directed to your book.
  • Many people treat marketing as something inherently evil instead of something that can be evil.
  • "Marketing done right is just finding more readers." That is in quotation marks on one of my little slips of paper that were left on my kitchen counter.
  • Entrepreneurial writers should track how long it takes them to write something. When they're done, they should then think about how much time it took and whether it was worth it in terms of return. If they're not satisfied, they may want to try writing something else. Maybe any writer should consider doing this.
All good thoughts.

I had a thought totally unrelated to the book business after I'd finished listening to this thing, though it was a video podcast, and I could have watched it: How many people have time to sit in front of a computer and watch a video? I am talking about the masses of work-related videos out there, not...ah...I can't think of another word for porn. If I didn't have periodic episodes when I was alone working in the kitchen for an hour or more, I'd never be able to find the time to listen to any kind of podcast. And watch one? How? How?

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