Friday, January 09, 2015

What Did You Do This Week, Gail?

Last year I had a final, sort of soft goal to " make an effort to check up on myself each week to make sure that a good chunk of my time went toward objectives to meet my goals, an idea I got from Peter Bregman's 18 Minutes." I don't think I did it even once. But the last couple of days I started thinking that maybe I should check in with my goals quarterly instead of just half way through the year. And then I jumped from that to, hey, weren't you going to do a little checking every week?
  • Goal 1. Mummy Book. Revised Chapter Three. I made some significant changes in one section that I think bring important stuff early on. What I'm trying to say, I'm happy with that bit of work.
  • Goal 5. Community Building. I did a blog post on Sunday on The Great CT Caper and a CCLC update today, also relating to The Great CT Caper. I got an e-mail today that gave me an idea that I might do something about in a couple of months.
  • Goal 6. Marketing Saving the Planet & Stuff. I did an Environmental Blog post yesterday and posted it to two Google+ communities today.
Hmm. This was a good exercise. It suggests I'm getting goal-oriented use from this blog.

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