Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Time Management Tuesday: Obsessing On Physical And Temporal Space

Last week I wrote about the relationship between place and time. "Where we work," I said, "is often related to when we work." Sometimes we don't choose the places we work. Sometimes we work in them because we just happen to be in them when we have time to work.

I have been obsessing about this all week. You're not surprised, you say? Oh. You find me obsessive.

Yeah, well, here's the thing. If we can recognize that we don't have to have a "room of our own" as Susan Straight said in the essay that inspired last week's post, time opens up for us. If you can work on your lunch hour, in waiting rooms, in front of the TV (which I'm doing right now), on vacation, while the baby is sleeping, during your commute, you'll have a lot more time than you will if you can only work in that room of your own.

By the way, the whole "room of your own" thing is a reference to Virginia Woolf's essay, A Room of One's Own, which appears (I've finished reading half of it) to be about feminism and privilege rather than physical space. Next week I'll be writing about privilege and time because the obsession continues.

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