Friday, February 06, 2015

What Did You Do This Week, Gail? February 6 Edition

I was pleased with this week, particularly the early part.

Goal 1. Mummy Book. I've been working on getting rid of a fourteen page second chapter by threading maybe a page and a half of its content into Chapter One. I'm very happy with how that went and expect revision of the new Chapter Two, which used to be Chapter Three, to go much faster. I have new motivation for the main character now, which I think could make the writing go easier over all. Huzzah!

Goal 2. Short Work. I did a little research on doing research for short articles and managed to do some short reading. But not much.

Goal 5. Community Building. I reposted one of my Original Content posts at my Goodreads blog, which I do every week. I also did some nurturing of my Twitter account, which I also do every week. And I worked on developing a mailing list for the Connecticut Children's Literature Calendar e-mail newsletter we're planning. Oops. I also attended a book launch last weekend.

Goal 5/6 Community Building and Marketing Saving the Planet & Stuff. We're doing what I thought was going to be a quick cosmetic revision of my website, which is certainly part of marketing STP&S. I'm also considering it part of community building because part of what we're doing is creating some uniformity across my social media platforms. The website's color scheme is similar to this blog's, and those colors will also be used in the CCLC's newsletter. This website work turned out to be more than I thought it would because the website is large. You'll be hearing about the new look when we're done. 

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