Friday, April 03, 2015

What Did You Do This Week, Gail? April 3 Edition

Yikes. I'm having a rough couple of weeks with family commitments and holidays, and it will continue next week. I'm still trying to focus on just a few things, or at least focus on narrowly defined aspects of more than a few things.

Goal 1. Mummy Book. Tweaking, reading a new book for research, and planning scenes. Next week the scene planning will be what I concentrate on.

Goal 2. Short Pieces. I did manage 20 or 30 minutes on an essay, nearly finishing it. I also did a little market research and stumbled upon a new journal I might submit to.

Goal 6. Marketing Saving the Planet & Stuff. Lots of work on this one with this month's Annotated Saving the Planet & Stuff series here at the blog. I've been planning excerpts and linking the posts at appropriate places on social media. I guess we could consider this also Goal 5. Community Building.

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