Friday, May 22, 2015

What Did You Do This Week, Gail? May 22nd Edition

Last week when I did my weekly assessment, I realized I'd only worked on one goal, and it didn't seem as if I'd put that much time in on it. So when I did my planning for this week, I planned more.

Goal 1. Mummy Book Finally made some nonrevision progress on this puppy. Then went back and merged the first two chapters, cutting ten pages. So now I'm revising again.

Goal 5. Community Building 1. Started work on next month's Connecticut Children's Literature Calendar. 2. Began putting together workshop proposals to submit to a conference.

This proposal thing was interesting because the conference involved prefers that people submit proposals for two workshops. And wouldn't you know it, I had ideas for two workshops. However, the conference administrators require a detailed outline. While getting started on one of the workshops proposals, I realized it would take days of research to do the outline. It would be way too costly in terms of time, and I decided to drop it. Then yesterday morning, I was hit with a breakout experience in the shower. One outline idea after another came to me. It went on for most of the day. So I'll be submitting two proposals after all.

Goal 6. Marketing STP&S. Or marketing in general. I watched Planning Successful Social Media Campaigns and was overwhelmed.  

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