Friday, May 29, 2015

What Did You Do This Week, Gail? May 29th Edition

Goal 1 Mummy Book. I didn't get as far on this as I would have liked, but I am past revising early chapters and moving on to new material. I'm at what I consider to be the mid-point of the book. I expect to be able to get a little work done this weekend.

Goal 5 Community Building/Goal 6 Marketing STP&S/Gail. I did a lot of community building this week, which I'm also going to call marketing, since community building keeps a person's name in circulation. Plus, I really hate to think I spent so much time on one goal.
  • I completed  the CCLC
  • I promoted CCLC and mailed out the newsletter edition
  • I did a post on the Tassy Walden Award that involved some actual contact with other people in the writing community
  • I pretty much completed the two workshop proposals I'm planning to submit next week
With June's CCLC behind me, as well as the Tassy Walden and the workshop proposals, I hope next week will see a shift to more production.

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