Friday, May 06, 2016

What Did You Do This Week, Gail? May 6 Edition

My Facebook wall has been filled with writers pumped up about last weekend's conference. Let's see  what I managed to get done. Ah...

Goal 1. Adhere to Goals and Objectives. Ah...

Goal 3. Generate New Short Work/Programs. Worked on:
  • Revising a piece of unsold flash fiction
  • A memoir essay I started in the blueprinting workshop I took last weekend, actually using the blueprinting technique discussed in said workshop.
  • Flash research.
  • One essay submission

Goal 5. Community Building/General Marketing/Branding.  

 Goal 6. Generate New Work. Worked on:
  • The picture book manuscript
  • Also did picture book research with a big stack of picture books. (A post will follow next week.) 
  • Then there was the short memoir I mentioned above.
  • The adult version of Becoming Greg and Emma is on a back burner because the beta reader I lined up had a death in her family. I have to observe an appropriate mourning period

Did I Use Anything I Learned Last Weekend?

See Goal 3, above. Also, I purchased an eBook recommended by Wendy Maas during her blueprinting workshop.

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