Friday, May 20, 2016

What Did You Do This Week, Gail? May 16 Edition

Goal 1. Adhere to Goals and Objectives. I feel as if I'm doing this because I'm feeling all creative and motivated. Would like to see a little more material in hand, though.

Goal 2. Prepare Mummy Hunters for Submission. As a result of reading a book recommended by a NESCBWI workshop leader, I'm actually thinking of doing another revision of this. (Multiplier!) My writers' group will be thrilled. Also, I have some editors lined up to submit to.

Goal 3. Generate New Short Work/Programs.
  • Still working on the flash and liking what's happening with it. That's influenced by the book I'm reading, too.(Multiplier!)
  • I also made a submission
  • Am reading the new issue of Carve
  • I knocked off a 500-word flash essay
  • Received a rejection on an essay submission. However, that rejection came from publication that had ignored an earlier submission, not responding at all. So this response suggests to me that I did a good job of matching submission to market. Just not good enough, of course.

Goal 5. Community Building/General Marketing/Branding

  • Weekend Writer Print Resources post--Promoted to Google+, Google+ community, Facebook community, Twitter
  • Sherlock Holmes post--Promoted to Google+ and Twitter
  • Books from Sherlock Holmes post reviewed at Goodreads
  • TMT post--Promoted to Facebook, Google+, and Twitter
  • Arts Center East post--Promoted to Google+, Facebook community, and Twitter
  • Call for CCLC material
  • Submitted material for CT Center for the Book website

Goal 6. Generate New Work: I'm considering doing NaNoWriMo this year.

Am I using anything I learned at the NESCBWI Conference? I'm reading the book I mentioned above (and will write about here at length at some point) and what I'm taking from that I am planning to apply to a couple of different writing projects. Which makes reading that book a Multiplier. It applies to more than one goal.

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