Sunday, February 04, 2018

A Rare Weekend Cooking Post

I binge cooked yesterday afternoon, as you can see. I used to listen to writing and literary podcasts while I was binge cooking, then I'd post about the whole experience here. You haven't heard from me recently about that because I burned out on podcasts around a year ago. Plus I'm trying to be all mindful and focused and the multi-tasking with podcasts and cooking is all anti-mindfulness.

So why am I telling you about my cooking experience yesterday? Because while I was working away, doing one cooking task after another with just music on in the background, I thought, Hey, Megan in the YA Thriller Project could cook. And that was exciting.

Though, then I started thinking, she's the only girl in that situation. How can I have her cook without being stereotypically female? Should I have someone else cook?

These characters have to eat. Someone ought to cook. On the other hand, everything a character in a work of fiction does should be for a reason. It should show character or be necessary for the plot. It should do something. So if I'm going to have someone cook in this thing, I've got to come up with a compelling reason why s/he should.

I've created a Pinterest board about how this character dresses, in order to help me visualize her. Perhaps I should do another about what she cooks.

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