Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Let's Call This A New Objective

Only Olympic bobsledding and cross-country skiing being televised this evening. No problem finding time to blog tonight!

I have a completed picture book manuscript that, you guessed it, I have been unable to sell. Since I like to maintain the mind of a beginner, which, as far as picture books are concerned, is easy to do, I was attracted to a Read For Research Month Challenge that I learned about, probably on Twitter. It's a project to help picture book writers read and research mentor texts. There will be posts each day during the month of March from writers as well as a daily reading list.

Yes, lads and lasses, I did sign on.

This isn't something I planned to do this year, and I am pushing to have multiple chapters of an adult book underpainted by the end of April so I can make a big writing push with my May Days group. But this seems like a neat opportunity that I should at least take a shot at. I mean, it's only a month, right?

This isn't a totally random thing to be doing. I have a goal of generating new work, and improving my knowledge of picture book writing would certainly be an objective toward generating more picture books.

Read For Research Month was founded and is coordinated by Carrie Charlie Brown and Kristi Call.

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