Friday, February 09, 2018

What Did You Do This Week, Gail? Feb. 9 Edition

Goal 1. Submissions. This is interesting, because I wasn't planning to work on this goal this week. But I saw a call on Twitter for "weird" short fiction from a lit journal. And guess what? I had something that fit that description. Now, back in 2016 I had submitted this piece of work to this particular lit journal and been rejected. But they were asking for weird work now. And for the next two days, they were waving their submission fee. So, my thought was that maybe my rejection a year and a half ago was about a good story at the wrong time. That could happen, couldn't it? On the other hand, if I'm rejected again, it didn't cost me anything.

Goal 2. YA Thriller. I did some very interesting research for material to give me ideas for my crime.

Goal 3. Generate new work with Good Women. Worked on some underpainting for a new chapter. I would have finished it but I got bogged down creating a Sunday school Christmas pageant.

Goal 4. Community Building/General Marketing/Branding. Five blog posts, five trips to Google+, a couple to Facebook, two to Goodreads, and multiple tweets. Oh, and I updated a Pinterest board. And I did some research on environmental books as part of a little plan to do some Saving the Planet & Stuff promo in April. Not one of my original objectives for this goal.

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