Thursday, October 18, 2018

Only Picture Books, All The Time

A few days ago, I learned of the Debbie Bibo Agency, a literary agency in Milan that handles only picture books, many from countries that are not the United States.

What really grabbed me about this agency's site is that I was able to read a number of the French covers. "Why, Gail," you may say. "These are children's picture books. Shouldn't you be able to work out the titles for that reason alone?" Pas moi.

About an hour and a half after writing the paragraphs above, I found a journal (I am fond of all kinds of journals) I'd kept in French in an attempt to remember new French vocabulary. I also found a twenty-five-year-old letter in French from my great-aunt Anna. (Ma Tante Anna, as my Canadian cousins would say.) I'm afraid I'll have to struggle through those, so let me have the French picture books, d'accord?

Quote from moi journal francais: Demain je voudrais fair cuire les gateau sec. "Tomorrow I would like to make cookies." To paraphrase Ethan Allen, I am the same woman still... and in any language.

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