Monday, April 13, 2020

Some April Book Releases

A round-up of books that were released or will be released this month. These are titles I've stumbled upon through social media.

April 7, The Elephants' Guide to Hide-and-Seek by Kjersten Hayes with Gladys Jose illustrating.  Sourcebooks is the publisher 
A debut picture book.

April 7, Dive In by Roxie Munro with Holiday House publishing. Munro has written/illustrated more than 40 books for children and has also designed apps.

April 14 Finally, Something Mysterious by Doug Cornett Random House publisher  A debut

I also found The On-Sale Calendar: April 2020 Children's Books published back in October, 2019 at Publishers Weekly. I was blown away by this. Usually when authors or bloggers says something like that, they mean, I was blown away by these wonderful titles! Or I was blown away by the quality of these titles. But this is Gail we're talking about and those kinds of responses are on the warm and fuzzy side for me. When have you heard me do warm and fuzzy?

No, I was blown away, shocked, because the list includes the size of the printing for most of the titles, and they are huge! The smallest number I saw was 10,000. Believe me, the first printings of some children's books are way under that. Then there are a lot of books coming in at 50,000, 75,000, 100,000 and even more. This indicates that last fall, some publishers were feeling very confident.

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