Wednesday, April 01, 2020

April 1 Book Release: Hound Won't Go

Hound Won't Go, a rhyming picture book by NESCBWI colleague  Lisa Rogers, releases today.

Hound Won't Go, illustrated by Meg Ishihara and published by Albert Whitman, deals with a 
stubborn dog who won't budge until it starts to rain.

Lisa Rogers is also the author of 16 Words: William Carlos Williams and "The Red Wheelbarrow," which was a Junior Library Guild selection, and magazine profiles focusing on art. Hound Won't Go was inspired by Rogers' experience with her rescue coonhound, and she has a guest post on the subject at the Coonhound & Foxhound Companions blog

Regarding Rogers' first book, 16 Words: William Carlos Williams and "The Red Wheelbarrow": Every time I see something about this book, I think, I've got to read that Red Wheelbarrow poem. Because, you know, it's kind of famous. And then I forget about it. Then I also think, Maybe if I read 16 Words, I could skip reading the poem.

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