Tuesday, April 07, 2020

April 7 Book Release: Remembering Ethan

Remembering Ethan, a  picture book by NESCBWI colleague Leslea Newman, releases today.

Remembering Ethan, illustrated by Tracy Nishimura Bishop and published by Magination Press, deals with a child grieving the loss of an older sibling.

Leslea Newman is the author of sixty-five books (if I've counted correctly), thirty-six of them picture books, and her work has been included in nine anthologies. In addition to Remembering Ethan, two other Newman books are publishing this year, Welcoming Elijah (January) and Song of the Coquis/Cancion de los Coquis.

She is also the author of Hachiko Waits, which I heard her speak about many years ago. Because evidently I just keep almost running into this woman. But that's New England childlit for you.

I apologize for not knowing how to insert symbols into Blogger text, so I can't spell Leslea's first name correctly. Here is a sound file on how to pronounce it.

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