Friday, February 16, 2024

Friday Done List February 16

A distracting week: A. A snowstorm that involved a lot of snow shoveling; B. An hour and a half of snowshoeing the next day, because if there is snow in the south of New England, you have to drop everything and take advantage of it before it's gone; C. Two trips out to shop for a washer and dryer. D. Prepping for a family dinner. 


Goal 1. Adult short stories, essays, and humor.

  • Still working on that short story. It's getting long. What if I have trouble finding someone to publish it? Which, you know, could happen. Hmm. Can you self-publish e-short stories? I could look into that.
  • Submitted two pieces of flash fiction, just this morning. 
  • Did some reading in preparation for starting an essay.
Goal 2. Submit 143 Canterbury Road to agents.
  • Submitted to two agents.
Goal 3. Community Building/General Marketing/Branding
  • Three blog posts, counting this one. Did some promotion of one of them.
  • Will be reposting one of them at my Goodreads blog.
  • Began some updating of the website.

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