Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Knowing This Makes My Life Better

In December, just before Christmas, in fact, Publishers Marketplace published in one of its Publishers Lunch mailings a guide to their deal categories. For those who don't know, Publishers Marketplace publishes brief announcements of book sales to publishing houses and describes the kind of deal the authors received, which the publishers may provide using this handy guide:

  • Nice deal $1-$49,000
  • Very nice deal $50,000-$99,000
  • Good deal $100,000-$250,000  
  • Significant deal $251,000-$499,000
  • Major deal $500,000 and up
My first thought was that back in the day when my books were selling to a publisher I got blah-blah deals! Hurray! Wish I'd known!

My second thought was Eh, I got blah-blah deals.

And my third thought was, Oh, this knowledge is going to totally change how I read Publishers Marketplace deals.

Yes, I am, as always, behind in reading the mailings I get from Publishers Marketplace

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