Friday, February 02, 2024

Friday Done List February 2

Yeah, the week got away from me.

 Goal 1. Adult Short Stories, Essays, And Humor

  • Still haven't finished the rough draft of the short story I was working on last week, though I continued to work on it. This is a short story rather than a humor piece or flash fiction. I may have been unrealistic about finishing something every week, since short stories require more of me than I remembered. It was one of my December starts, so I can feel good about that at least. 
  • Had a humor piece, Useful French Phrases For Madame Keith's World Languages Class, published at Slackjaw
  • Did some reading of short-form work, mainly humor.
  • Took a workshop on the MICE Quotient, which was for novels rather than short stories, but maybe it could work. The workshop got a little murky. I'll go over this shorter explanation when I have the time. 
  • Received news that a piece of flash fiction I'd submitted to a contest didn't make it to the list of finalists.
Goal 2. Submit 143 Canterbury Road to Agents
  • Made two more submissions for a total of three. Received two rejections the same morning. They are coming in fast and furious folks..
  • Found more agents to submit to. Eliminated some agents as inappropriate.
Goal 3. Community Building/General Marketing/Branding
  • Spent some time promoting the humor piece at Slackjaw. Emailing friends and family, posting at Facebook, posting at X, writing a blog post. And how beneficial was that? Hmm.
  • Made four blog posts this week.

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