Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Connecticut Children's Book Fair Is Next Weekend

All you southern New Englanders: The Connecticut Children's Book Fair is next weekend, and the schedule is up. I believe I should be able to go see Jon Muth's presentation.

I've heard Iris Van Rynbach speak in the past--at a Connecticut Children's Book Fair, in fact. I've also heard Jarrett Krosoczka. We both presented at the same event a few years back. I also sort of know Kathleen Kudlinski through Facebook. She's a fellow Connecticut authors, so there's always a possibility that we've met, too.

Lots of writers and illustrators are going to be at UConn next weekend. Though the campus has a reputation for poor parking, I can guarantee you that there is a good-sized parking lot next to the Rome Commons where the book fair is held.

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