Tuesday, November 02, 2010

So, To Make A Long Story Short, An Author Shouldn't Be Obligated To Say Anything Because Whatever She Says Doesn't Matter

I didn't blog last night because I was so busy reading How Much is an Author Obligated to Say? at A Fuse #8 Production. Don't miss the discussion after the post.

My feeling about this issue is that a fiction writer's statement is supposed to be on the page, within the story. Research is supposed to support that story by providing the writer with details for creating characters, setting, plot, point of view, voice...the elements of fiction. The piece of writing is what it is. It's on the page, it's done. Sympathy or respect for the author because of her experience with a subject can't change what's on the page.

If it changes readers' impression of what's on the page, that has nothing to do with the quality of what the writer did with her work. It shouldn't have any impact on the assessment of the writing. The writing has to stand on its own.

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