Thursday, July 19, 2012

Announcing A New Publishing Project

I've mentioned in passing here that I'm republishing Saving the Planet as an e-book. Yesterday I signed a contract with an illustrator for a new cover.

Eric Bloom is a graduate of Pratt Institute with experience in illustration and digital and graphic arts. His background with digital composition and web design interested me, since we're talking an e-book cover. I'm going to be marketing Saving the Planet & Stuff as a YA book this time around, and I'll be attempting some crossover marketing toward adult readers, so I was looking for an illustrator who could do an edgy, nonchildlike cover.

Eric and I also have a history. He was sitting on my deck with my younger son when I came up with the basic situation that became A Year With Butch and Spike. I was flipping burgers for them on the grill, one thing led to another, and Eric's name appears in one of the last chapters as a little thank you gift.

And now he's helping me out with what is for me a big project.

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