Sunday, July 29, 2012

Highlights From The Most Recent Carnival Of Children's Literature

The July Carnival of Children's Literature is up at Anastasia Suen's Blog. I found a number of interesting exhibitors.

I got distracted at the Monkey Poop Blog because the site also has a calendar of Boston area children's literature events. The blogger involved must put in a great deal of time and effort to maintain this thing. Also, I suspect the Boston area does a lot more children's literature events than central Connecticut does. 

I was interested in the review of Yawning Yoga at Flowering Minds. I actually have a bed yoga book for adults, though I usually forget to use it.

As a general rule, I'm not a fan of problem books. But the problem involved described in the review of Wonder at Literary Lunchbox is one I've only seen addressed once before, in the very good Firegirl. So I could give it a try.

I learned at Yellow Brick Reads that Margo Lanagan has a new book coming out, The Brides of Rollrock Island. Though I loved Tender Morsels, I didn't find it particularly YAish. The Brides of Rollrock Island sounds adult-oriented, too, what with being about married couples. Not that that is an issue for me as a reader. I read adult books.

I think I was supposed to be looking at a review of Sam the Cat at The Book Chook, but my eye was caught by a post on word collecting. Seriously. I thought I might like to do that with someone I know.

Book Aunt did an ambitious post on books on writing by authors. I was particularly interested in the book by Diana Wynne Jones that is supposed to come out later this year. I heard about it through the Celebrate Diana Wynne Jones thing that was going on this past spring.

By the way, I loved the subtitle on Book Aunt's blog: "Because OTHER People Give You Clothes and Video Games for Your Birthday!" In the Gauthier family, this Book Aunt also gives books for Christmas, baptisms, First Communions, graduations, and baby showers. No one is ever surprised by my gifts.


Amitha Knight said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my blog!


BookChook said...

I truly believe books make great gifts, especially because the gift of reading lasts a lifetime!

Gail Gauthier said...

You and me, too, Book Chook. I gave my son a copy of Zen Shorts for some graduation or another. Today I was at his house and found it face out on one of his shelves. I believe either he or his wife was using it as a piece of art.