Sunday, July 08, 2012

There's Always Time For Blog Visits

You can always squeeze in a few blog visits on a busy weekend so you can keep that Yes! I do work on weekends! feeling gone. The end of my personal tour of NESCBWI blogs is in sight. What am I going to do when I'm done? A plan is already forming.

But for now:

Leda Schubert is another one of my Facebook friends. We may have met on a listserv some years back. Yeah. That sounds right. She is not a wildly active blogger, indicating that she posted at Leda Schubert Writer and Teacher every six weeks or so, though it looks as if recently the schedule has been more like every few months. She refers to the blogosphere as the "Kingdom of Blog" and says, "I have said several times, I feel more like an occasional visitor to this kingdom than a participating citizen." When she posts, she often writes about writing process.

Anindita Basu Sempere is prepublished writer who has an academic background in writing and has been active in NESCBWI, co-directing regional conferences. She has recently published at The Washington Post. She often writers at her blog,, about her reading.

When I said "You can always squeeze in a few blog visits," I meant, really, a few. That's all I can manage this family weekend.

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