Thursday, July 05, 2012

Saving Some Time And Energy

You may have noticed I've added a couple new sections to my list of links over to your left. I expanded those and dropped the "Links" page at my website. Why maintain two sets of links? How often does anyone check out the Links page at a website, anyway? But blog readers are often active blog readers who follow links from place to place to place. I know I do. So it made sense in terms of of time and energy to focus our attention on only one set of links. I'm also trying to limit my links to blogs I actually visit or was in the habit of visiting in the past and to organizations I have some connection to, as well as publications I've been known to read. (That reminds me. The new Horn Book arrived yesterday.)

If you read this week's Time Management Tuesday post, you know I wrote about busyness, a situation that we actually can do something about. Today I learned of a volunteer opportunity I would love to be part of but am going to have to ignore. I also just sent an e-mail to some family members letting them know I can't run a birthday party for one of our relatives this year.

Time Management is not fun.


tanita✿davis said...

No, it's not - I'm having right now to buckle down and be a lot less "live" on the interwebs at present. I know I'll be back, but I'm pouting just now about missed opportunities, etc. - and mainly it's family who I end up stretching for, and doing what I should NOT be doing - well done, you, for telling someone "no..." It isn't easy.

Gail Gauthier said...

My immediate family will still observe this person's birthday, but not with a backyard event for around a dozen people that required me to clean and cook for several days. Here's a thought I've had recently regarding family situations such as this one: Another family member could step up to the plate and run the show. If no one does, that suggests the event isn't that important to the rest of the family, and it's not going to be a great loss. It probably isn't something I should be taking time off from work for.