Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Goals. Objectives. Vacations.

Before I left for vacation, I was concerned about objective panic. I felt I needed objectives for my vacation, but I was afraid that if I made them all related to a work goal, I was headed for a miserable experience.

Well, perhaps vacations take care of objectives.

My Vague Vacation Objectives

  • Work on The Mummy revision 10 minutes a day so I would be able to hit the ground running with it when I got home.
  • Check out lit journal websites and on-line journals.
  • Create a list of journals for submitting to when I got home.
  • Work on an essay.
  • Read some more of the weird French kids' book I've been reading for years.
  • Meditate.
  • Write in journals.
  • Read about tai chi. 
  • Do some NaNoWriMo prep. 


What I Actually Did 


North Carolina
  •  Read a bunch of old Yoga Journals.
  • Meditated a few minutes all but one day with my new Breath app
  • Biked 8 times, clocking in 100 miles over 19 days.
  • Spent a lot of time updating my trail album, because of all the biking.
  • Did small amounts of yoga regularly. Semi-regularly.
  • Did some reading from my Kindle.
  • Read four books from my To Be Read Shelves.
  • Read a couple of essays from my Kindle.
  • Worked on my Bookstore Collection Pinterest Board
  • Finished reading one story in that weird French kids' book.
  • Thought about an essay I've been meaning to write.
  • Organized photos on my laptop.
  • Cleaned out some e-mail.
  • Looked at a couple of essays at one on-line journal.
  • Bought 10 pairs of socks and a newish car, because shopping on vacation is a thing.


What Does This All Mean?


Either western Virginia or Maryland
Well, the monkey that has been controlling my mind for months is resting. Beyond that, I've come home with some thoughts about my reading, especially of essays, and an idea or two about keeping that monkey out of my mind. But I don't know much any of that has to do with any objectives I set before I left home.

Maybe vacations should be like that. You come home from them with unexpected souvenirs. That could be my vacation objective in future--to come home with a surprise.

Like that car I mentioned. 

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