Sunday, October 09, 2016

Hit Some Fine Podcasts While Cooking Today

When last we discussed the issue of my need to listen to something while cooking, things were not going well. The sci-fi and horror podcasts I'd found were not grabbing me. I definitely couldn't take any more writing process podcasts or writer interviews.

Well, today I needed to do some restocking in the kitchen after having been away from home for nearly three weeks. It got a little bingie, because I made two types of bread without a bread machine, since I lent mine to a family member before I went on vacation. And, by the way, I've still got what it takes to do 8 minutes of kneading...twice. Booyah!

On top of that, I hit the old motherlode with podcasts. These were actually from two podcast series I subscribe to. I just hadn't listened to them in a while.

The first two episodes came from Eric's Guide to Ancient Egypt. I was interested because I'm revising what I refer to as the mummy book. The material I listened to was terrific. 
  • The Birth of Egyptology. I assumed this would deal with nineteenth Egyptology. It did, and more. A nineteenth century Egyptologist plays a part in my book.
  • Women in Ancient Egypt. Yup. An ancient Egyptian woman figures into my book.
There are a number of other episodes I want to listen to because they relate to my book. I don't know how I missed them. I think I recently downloaded a bunch of new episodes, and the goodies were in there.

In addition to two batches of bread, you can see from the picture above that I also made a cake, some potato stuffing (meh), and began a batch of Amish chicken pot pie. That's in the white kettle, because Amish chicken pot pie has nothing to do with pie. All that took a while, so I went on to:
I'm feeling a lot better about podcasts right now. And I'm set for bread for a while.

I'm taking part in Weekend Cooking at Beth Fish Reads. You can also take a look at all my Podcasts in the Kitchen posts through my Pinterest board.               



Beth F said...

Because I'm usually listening to a book, I tend to forget about podcasts. Thanks for reminding me that I have a bunch I enjoy. Next time I'm between books, I'll take a evening to listen.

Good job on kneading by hand. And I know that type of "pot pie," which I discovered only after I moved to Pennsylvania.

Mae Travels said...

Your ambition to make so many different foods is impressive! Also your ability to do more than one thing at a time. I'm more into music when cooking for long times -- doesn't distract me from the main task.

best... mae at