Friday, March 24, 2017

What Did You Do This Week, Gail? March 19th Edition

Had a fantastic workday on Monday, then had to squeeze work in around all kinds of errands. Today went quite well, too.

Goal 2. Generate New Work Through End Of April--Adult Novels. Had some happy revision time on Monday. I started doing some research with a book I ordered last week. Happy with that, too. Interesting thing happened this week. I've been corresponding with a family member who is also a writer about my goals and objectives plot generating system. I had forgotten to apply it to my latest writing project. When I did that today, I was able to come up with material for two more chapters. Since I have a chapter list for this book, going ahead and applying goals and objectives to those chapters should be hugely helpful. Feeling good about that right now, anyway.

Goal 4. Make More Than 33 (last year's number) Submissions Of  Completed Work Throughout The Year.  Took part in yesterdays #PitMad Twitter Pitch Party. Three tweets for two different books. These count as submissions as far as I'm concerned, which brings my submission total for the year up to 12.

Goal 6.  Support And Promote Diverse Literature, Diverse Culture.

 Material I tweeted or retweeted

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Please Don't Talk About Your Book by Barbara Dee via  

Mar 22
31 years ago, Debi Thomas became the first African American woman to win the World Figure Skating Championship.

Thanks to Melissa for suggesting Selena as this week's !

Our is June TarpĂ© Mills! 1915–88|Created Miss Fury, who preceded Wonder Woman

Get kids excited about historic female heroes both past and present with these inspiring books!

These women rolled bandages for the wounded overseas:

Imagine what the universal truths would be if the entire universe had a chance to tell them. -

 Stand Up and Sing! via

The Children's War: Adrift at Sea: A Vietnam Boy's Story of Survival b...

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