Thursday, February 15, 2024

Some Annotated Reading February 15

This week I finished reading The Manor House Governess by C.A. Castle. It was terrific to stumble upon this after just having finished reading The Jane Austen Society, because while The Jane Austen Society was about people obsessed with Jane Austen, The Manor House Governess is about a character obsessed with Jane Eyre. In addition, Bron, the main character, is living a twenty-first century, gender-fluid Jane Eyre life. I enjoy reading "versions" of Jane Eyre, and this one is well worth the read for people like me. Though I couldn't connect all the characters and situations in Manor House to characters and situations to Jane Eyre. Which means either that I wasn't being just to Manor House and reading it for itself or I need to read Jane Eyre again. I've only read it twice, and it's been a while. Both The Jane Austen Society and The Manor House Governess made me feel I should be reading the related classics over and over again the way the characters in these books do. But how when there are so many Austen- and Eyre-related work to read?

Remember The Madwoman in the Attic Answers Letters Pleading for Her Advice that I read this week? That's what I mean by needing time for Jane Eyre-related work. 

Jon Stewart Knows "The Daily Show" Won't Save Democracy by Inkoo Kang in The New Yorker includes something interesting I'd never heard of before--claptor comedy. It's comedy that isn't used to make people laugh but to make them applaud, because you've appealed to their beliefs. So now I know that. 

A humor piece for you: Ways I Imagined I Might Die When I Was A Kid by Anthony DeThomas in Points in Case.


noochinator said...

When I was in 5th grade (1972-3), they showed us a TV adaptation of 'Jane Eyre' with George C. Scott, Susannah York et al. We read portions of the novel too beforehand. HAH! Yeah, right! No, they just showed us the TV movie raw, which came off as a horror film b/c of Mrs. Rochester in the attic. (I just found out that Mrs. Rochester was played by Jean Marsh, of 'Upstairs, Downstairs' fame.) And I just found out that my lo-cal library system has several DVD copies of the TV movie, so maybe I can induce some flashbacks. Here's the movie's listing at

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