Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another Technical Advance For Original Content

Debby Garfinkle got in touch with me today to point out that my blog only allows comments from readers who subscribe to Blogger. She wondered if I had thought of opening up the ability to comment at Original Content. A ha! I thought. This might explain why I don't get big numbers of comments to my posts. There could be untold numbers of people out there who want to communicate with me but can't.

So I put Computer Guy to work on this, because, quite honestly, reading Blogger instructions is beyond me. In just minutes he had worked his magic, and we now can take comments from anyone. I am so excited. I now expect to be getting the kinds of responses Scott Westerfeld gets at his blog. Or maybe lots of SPAM. We'll have to see.

Thank you, Debby. And now go ahead and post that comment you wanted to make.


Anonymous said...

If you want, I can also set it up so the comments pop up in a separate window.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was fast!