Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Kidlit Goings-On--Summer Reading Lists

Sometime during the last couple of weeks I read--somewhere--that it's one of life's little oddities that when adults think of summer reading, they think of light, fluffy, escapist stuff while kids think of YIKES! Summer Reading Lists! Don't go into the library alone!!! I do wish I could remember who pointed that out to me because it is so true. The summer reading columns for adults in the mainstream press are, let's just say they make it appear as if once the temperature goes up, human IQ goes down. The summer reading columns for children in the mainstream press don't exist--unless you live in England, or Canada. (Thanks to Kelly for those two links.

Where was I? Yes. Summer reading lists. Jennifer Robinson, Sarah at the Reading Zone, and The Book Whisperer all discuss the hellaciousness of summer reading lists.

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