Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Red Letter Day For Original Content

Tomorrow is a milestone for Original Content. For the first time in over six years, we'll be having a guest blogger while I'm out running around.

Who will it be? That family member of mine who teaches elementary school and reads lots of kidlit? That would make sense, wouldn't it? But, no. We're not going there.

Instead, I've asked Computer Guy to say a few words about the technical aspects of a kids' book I've already written about. Part of this book's subject matter is so...unique...that I still haven't gotten over it. And, as my computer guy will explain for you tomorrow, he is unusually well qualified to address that subject. He's going to be hitting you with some professional vocabulary that I doubt has ever been used in a children's literature blog.

As you're reading tomorrow's post, keep in mind that its author is very possibly the only professional working in his field who knows who both Betsy Bird and Roger Sutton are.

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