Friday, July 04, 2014

Did You Use Your Time This Week Working On Objectives Toward Goals?

I did.

Goal 2. Write short pieces. I started a new story, worked on revising an old one, and came up with ideas for some essays.

Goal 3. Finish a draft of the mummy book. I need to go over the nine chapters I've written to bring myself up to speed and start planning out more of the book. I worked on this Wednesday, but ended up going over the beginning of Chapter One over and over again. This kind of thing happens to me all the time. I need Chapter One to be just so. The voice, in particular. I need to feel everything is right.

Goal 4. Make submissions. I did, indeed, make one. Additionally, I checked out a few other places to make submissions.

Goal 5. Work on community building. I posted the July Connecticut Children's Lit Calendar, and contacted a few groups about it. I did social media postings of various kinds most evenings.

Additionally I worked on updating the content of my website, including write-ups of some additional workshops I'll be offering. I'm not sure that that fits any particular goal. I should have made one for general promotion/marketing.

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