Sunday, October 18, 2015

The Weekend Writer: Why You Should Consider Writing Short Stories

How often do you hear people talk about wanting to write books? How often do you hear people talk about wanting to write short stories?  Suzannah Windsor Freeman explains why writers should be thinking about working in that shorter form in How to Get Your Short Stories Published in Lit Mags at Writer Unboxed.  The big point to consider: published short stories help to establish you as a writer.

A Few Added Thoughts About Writing Short Stories

  • Don't think of short stories as short novels. They are a specific form of writing. Do yourself a favor and do some research.

  • Don't expect short stories to be easier to write than novels. They are faster to write because they're shorter, but not easier.

  • Don't 't expect short stories to be easy to sell.


Renewed Interest In Short Stories?

Now that I've covered the Debbie Downer stuff, here's something a little more promising: Short stories are supposed to be experiencing a resurgence. In the eighties and nineties we were seeing fewer of them being published in mainstream, nonliterary magazines, which meant fewer markets. That's probably still the case. However, there are enormous numbers of on-line publications now, some of them quite well-regarded, that are easily accessible to readers. Some of them even pay writers for their work. (Not all on-line publications do.) Additionally, I've read that readership for short stories is growing, possibly because readers feel pressed for time. Short stories are what they have time for.

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