Thursday, October 01, 2015

Who Am I To Judge? Well...

I'm a Cybils judge, that's who I am. This year I am a Round 2 Judge in the Middle Grade Fiction category. Among the people I'll be working with is my old blogging buddy Alex Waugh. (Old as in we've "known" each other a while, in that blogging buddy way.)

Nominations opened today and will remain open until October 15.  Anyone can nominate, and here is this year's nomination form.

The nominations have already started coming in. You can keep checking back to watch the lists grow.

That is one of the beauty's of this award, in my humble opinion. Many book awards are a mystery, the books considered kept secret. With the Cybils, readers can see which books readers liked enough to nominate, and sometimes they can even read reviews from judges. It opens up a lot more options for readers.

Go forth and enjoy this year's Cybil season.

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