Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Time Management Tuesday: Beginnings And Endings And The Change They Bring

I mentioned yesterday that I'm going to be staying on Saving the Planet & Stuff until the end of the month. As it turns out, the end of the month is only four days away. I'm getting kind of excited. On top of that, the Greg and Emma adult book revision that I started a few weeks ago is going way better than I expected, and that will be done the end of the month, too. Did I mention the end of the month is only four days away?

When the new month begins, I'll be starting a couple of new projects. The new month begins in just six days. I am rather excited about that, too.

I'm getting buzzy just anticipating an ending and beginning

Cannot Rerun Beginnings And Endings Too Often


In 2012 I first wrote about the significance of beginnings and endings for managing time. A portion of that post fits this week:

"We tend to get excited about our plans for "new" blocks of time. Oh, what we're going to do this Christmas season! NaNoWriMo! May Days! If we can perceive some upcoming time as something new, as something different, a change, it's far easier to believe that we can make a change in how we're going to behave in that new chunk of time than it is to believe we can just change what we're doing now in this ho-hum unit of time we've been living in.

If we think about the unit system I wrote about back in February and the research that suggests that people are productive for the first 45-minutes that they work, there may be some logic to our love of new beginnings. Experience has taught us that we're more productive when we start something new, and we like feeling productive. We like the surge of starting something new. I swear, we once got new living room furniture, and just that change led me to start a new plan to keep everyone from eating in the living room. That probably didn't even last 45-minutes, but I remember the rush I felt not because I had a new couch and two new chairs all at the same time, but because the new furniture changed something and I was going to do something different because of it."

Change is coming soon. And the prospect of change is a good thing.                                      

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