Thursday, June 01, 2006

I Need An Alter Ego

I noticed a couple of days ago that Chicken Spaghetti had a guest columnist. I thought that it must be very gratifying to have a blog that someone actually wanted to be a guest in.

Then I thought, I, too, could have a guest columnist. I could just make one up. That way, the guest columnist would only say things I wanted her to say. (It must be very annoying when they don't.)

I haven't given this a great deal of thought, but what little thinking I have done about it involves creating a really distinctive character. Though, of course, I do not know distinctive how. I am leaning toward a male character. Or perhaps a French woman. Someone who has some favorite kind of book. Or maybe someone who hates a particular kind of book.

The possibilities are limitless.

I am mentioning all this so that if I do do it, no one can accuse me of crimes of a James Frey nature because I've told you I'm going to do it.

Well, I might do it.


Melissa Wiley said...

I say go for it. We'll all pretend you didn't just tell us your secret plan.

I've actually been contemplating inventing an Aunt Matilda. I thought it might be useful to have a wise and acid-tongued old auntie to "quote" in circumstances when the weight of my own experience seems inadequate. Because, you know, if Aunt Matilda says it, it MUST be so.

Here in the Bonny Glen
The Lilting House

Roger Sutton said...

I've often dreamed of having a fictitious in-house reviewer at the Horn Book. We DO have an intern, "Greg Edwards," who comes in handy when self-published writers call to "pitch" their books to the editors. Greg's voice is funny, the way it suddenly switches from a light baritone to a high tenor . . . and he's afraid of me, which is kind of cute.