Thursday, June 01, 2006

I Need An Alter Ego

I noticed a couple of days ago that Chicken Spaghetti had a guest columnist. I thought that it must be very gratifying to have a blog that someone actually wanted to be a guest in.

Then I thought, I, too, could have a guest columnist. I could just make one up. That way, the guest columnist would only say things I wanted her to say. (It must be very annoying when they don't.)

I haven't given this a great deal of thought, but what little thinking I have done about it involves creating a really distinctive character. Though, of course, I do not know distinctive how. I am leaning toward a male character. Or perhaps a French woman. Someone who has some favorite kind of book. Or maybe someone who hates a particular kind of book.

The possibilities are limitless.

I am mentioning all this so that if I do do it, no one can accuse me of crimes of a James Frey nature because I've told you I'm going to do it.

Well, I might do it.

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Roger Sutton said...

I've often dreamed of having a fictitious in-house reviewer at the Horn Book. We DO have an intern, "Greg Edwards," who comes in handy when self-published writers call to "pitch" their books to the editors. Greg's voice is funny, the way it suddenly switches from a light baritone to a high tenor . . . and he's afraid of me, which is kind of cute.