Tuesday, June 27, 2006

I Really Hate This

Since I'm not a major Harry Potter fan, I don't really care how the series ends--so long as it does because I feel a responsibility to keep reading the things. However, these little hints J.K. Rowling loves to give out between books set my teeth on edge. To me, they seem like nothing but a marketing ploy, an attempt to keep interest high while she's working on her bloated manuscripts.

And why her obsession with killing people off and hinting about it between books? "Guess who will die--no, go on, guess!" Personally, I think there is a school of thought that believes killing off a character in a children's book is the mark of an "important" work. Expose the little nippers to the reality of life.

Death is not necessarily the hallmark of good writing.

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Camille said...

The family and I were discussing why she does this. None of our speculations were flattering. Despite being rich and famous does she still pathetically crave attention and feel the need to remind people that she is writing away?

As a fan, I wish she would just keep everything to herself and let us discover the ending. With all the listservs, blogs, newsgroups, websites and discussion boards devoted to the series, I have to believe someone, somewhere has already come up with the ending. Soon after Book 7's publication we will have: HP and the Lawsuit from Hell.

Until then I wish she would zip it. You are completely correct, death does NOT equal great writing.