Sunday, June 11, 2006

July's BAFAB Week Is Coming Up

July's Buy a Friend a Book Week is coming up at the beginning of July. July is the first anniversary of Buy a Friend a Book Week, and to celebrate the BAFAB folks are holding a contest.

I'm totally into Buy a Friend a Book Week. I've bought books for each of the first three events. But I do think the BAFAB are being a limiting their recommendations each BAFAB shopping period to adult books. I'm not just being a kidlit activist here. YA is huge. Everybody is reading it. To ignore it is to ignore something big that is going on in publishing.

So for the next couple of weeks I am going to take it upon myself to make BAFAB week recommendations. When I think of it. I don't do summer reading lists because there's something about the sight of a summer reading list that makes me want to dig in my heels and watch television. But I can recommend a book to purchase every now and then. If I don't forget.

Unfortunately, the first book I was going to recommend appears to be out-of-print, which seems to make it totally inappropriate for Buy a Friend a Book Week.


dhamel said...

Thanks for the post, Gail! I do have a YA title among my recommendations this time around, Sheldon Goldfarb's Remember, Remember. I'll mention your intention to recommend kidlit over at the BAFAB blog. By the way, anyone reading this: know that there's a big contest underway at BAFAB this time around, with hundreds of dollars worth of books to be won!

Maxine Clarke said...

My daughters, now aged 15 and 10, are avid readers. My elder daughter now reads any fiction (not just YA/teen/children's) but I wanted to mention a book that has really resonated with my younger daughter. Not only her but all her friends at school. It is called "Secret of the Sirens" by Julia Gooding. (First of a quartet.) I don't exaggerate, it is the first book since Harry Potter/Lemony Snkicket that I've seen them all read that seems to have anywhere near the impact.