Tuesday, June 20, 2006

See? This Is What I Was Talking About.

In an op-ed piece in the L.A. Times entitled Best-sellouts list, author Jane Smiley weighs in on product placement and Cathy's Book. And she supports my contention that using product names as description doesn't describe much.

Smiley says: "In the original manuscript, according to the Times' article, someone (no doubt Cathy) applies a "killer coat of Clinique #11 'Black Violet' lipstick." Now that the deal has been cut, Cathy prefers "a killer coat of Lipslicks in 'Daring.' " Of course, this is only my opinion, but I don't know what "Lipslicks in 'Daring' " is. "Lipslicks in 'Daring' " makes no sense as English prose. Score one for authorial integrity.

"Cathy also switches from "gunmetal grey eyeliner" to "eyecolor in 'Midnight Metal.' " I admit that none of these phrases is immortal, but the new, Cover Girl-approved version smacks of ad-speak. Eyecolor? I thought eyes came in blue, green, hazel, brown. Now I find out they come in Midnight Metal. That's scary. Score another one for author integrity."


ArtsJournal.com provided the link for that one.

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