Thursday, June 01, 2006

Something New, Something Old

Many bloggers today are welcoming The PlanetEsme Book-A-Day Plan to the kidlitblog community. I was getting kind of testy over the whole PlanetEsme title because it sounded familiar to me. Was someone trying to commit a crime of an Opal Mehta nature?

Then I realized that Esme Raji Codell has other sites, Planet Esme and The PlanetEsme Reading Room. And that's why her PlanetEsme name sounded familiar to me.

This woman is ambitious.

The whole welcoming thing reminded me that I've been meaning to mention a blog that isn't new. Somehow I stumbled upon, the book journal of a young librarian who does a lot of YA reading. She's also been around for three years. She's old compared to the many kidlitblogs that were born this past year.

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