Friday, November 29, 2013

You'd Better Be Able To Work A Long Time

Earlier this week, I told you about Melissa Stewart (NESCBWI colleague, by the way) sticking with a book project for ten years. Then I heard about Anne Broyles (whom I also know) working on Arturo and the Navidad Birds for thirteen years.

Now I'm thinking that this should be the test for any project a writer is considering taking on: Do you think you could work on this for at least a decade, maybe more?

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Monica Edinger said...

I stared working on AFRICA IS MY HOME in 2000 and had it pretty much written in 4 years. It took 5 more years to find it a home and then another 4 to bring it into the world this year. It has been very reassuring to see I'm not alone in this.